Conference Breakout Workshop Facilitation

Dedicated workshops to ensure all franchisees participate and engage to enhance their learning and knowledge.

Allowing franchisees to openly and critically discuss amongst themselves what they do now, and to explore shared solutions for development.

Workshops built into the schedule of an annual conference are an ideal way to ensure all franchisees participate and engage to enhance their learning and knowledge.

Building a local marketing strategy

Many franchisees are in a unique position of operating a national brand with the ability to build local community trust and relationships – something corporate brands are unable to harness.

This workshop is designed to enable franchisees to discuss all of the community marketing options open to them as well as brainstorm innovative new opportunities which could ultimately become valuable system-wide initiatives.

Facilitated by Tim Morris, this workshop is designed to be fun and fast moving with the aim of creating the framework of community marketing plans for franchisees to take back to their territories and implement.

Customer Service Rocket Fuel

World class customer service is a proven strategy to build revenues – extending the lifetime value of a client, increasing the number of referrals, minimising clients’ resistance to price increases enabling easier upselling and crossing selling.

This workshop allows franchisees to openly discuss what they do now and then critically discuss amongst themselves how each aspect can be improved to create more ‘raving fans’.

As a facilitator, Tim Morris helps guide the discussion with possible strategies, real-life examples, and past results. He questions each discussion, pushing the franchisees to explore what true excellence really looks like.


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